Paying for Our Sins of 1999?

After another disappointing international the Proteas come home with nothing to show. On Paper we have one of the strongest teams in International Cricket but when we have to put the willow and leather together we end up with a Big Old Choke! Are we still paying for our sins of 1999? We can play any team in any format and take a series (Test, ODI, T20) but when it comes to a major tournament things are not so lekker for the boys in Green and Gold. Can we sit down and talk about Management. Is Russel Domingo the right man to lead our boys forward if not what do we do. Do we go local or do we go international. With that being said, has the inclusion of Lance Klusener helped our Middle and Lower order batting? Then there is my fav topic. Our Bowling Coach, no Offense to Charl Langeveldt but with the likes of Shaun Pollock and Allan Donald around they are the people who should be guiding our current bowling attack just like they did in the 2000’s. But is a debate that can go on and on till the Cows come home… Transformation? Oh boy? My fav T-word! Is this thing, phase (call it what you want) stand in our way of progressing. Are we more focused on having a team that is balance based on race or do we want a team that will bring us results? It would be nice if the two can go together just like Peanut Butter and Jam. Fact of the matter is that we are an unforgiving sporting nation! We want the results and we thrive on a winning culture. But I feel we still have a lot of inner conflict as South African and we need to sort out ourself before we can be Giants of International Cricket. We first need to fix what goes on off the field in terms of what we want and what we stand for before we can go out there and bring back results and trophy’s. So why can’t the Proteas bloom at international tournament? It can come down to a lot of things or maybe just one. Goes down to personal opinion because we as the public pull a lot of weight towards our players when they are on the field. Be it that we putting too much pressure on individual players or the issue of being Politically Correct, all in all we want to win and we want to bring those trophy’s we rightfully deserve home! I thank you all. Groete vir Sproete! Patrick Shabangu


April 21st, 2016

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