Lucky Radio Is Moving Forward!

Lucky Radio Is Moving Forward!

In light of a few changes you might have noticed in the past month, we at Lucky Radio feel a quick update might help in understanding where our future is heading!

First off, our show schedules have changed. No, you’re not going to miss any of your favourite shows, we’re just rearranging a few of the morning shows and moving them to the weekend so that we are more easily accessible to everyone throughout the day. We’re also trying to start the shift to a more 24-hour online listening experience. The biggest thing we want to do for our listeners is offer more awesome round-the-clock music with greater times for everyone internationally and locally! Check out the new schedule here!

Secondly, you may have noticed more new content on this website… Lucky Radio wants to put a greater emphasis on all aspects of our media, from interesting new articles to those great videos that show off how we, and our presenters live on ‘the other side of radio!’ With everyone on the Lucky team doing their best to give you awesome content, you should see a boom of new material to keep you not only informed… but entertained as well!

Lastly, we at Lucky Radio want to be fair and honest whilst giving you the best content developed for the youth, by the youth. We feel that with the professionalism of our presenters and the optimistic view of the young, and young at heart, our ideals moving forward will create an incredible space for not only entertainment, but also tackle some of the key issues facing the generation of tomorrow.

With that being said, all of our shows will still be here for you to enjoy and we will keep moving towards a greater place for everyone to enjoy. Lucky Radio is changing… but for the better!


June 8th, 2016

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