A Must Watch Music Video: The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra

Wildflower, the second album in only 16 years, hits strong with this truly twisted apparition of a video.

The song ‘Frankie Sinatra’ is in itself, a dark and menacing play on 50s music.  It gives one a terrifying impression of a clown on a killing spree, however, it does have a catchy hook and at the end of this very intriguing music video, one gets caught singing along, feeling like you have just come down from a drug high.

Set in a carnival like location, this music video, with the help of the song of course, takes you on a trippy journey on a luminescent rollercoaster ride through the twisted psyche of one can only imagine as Frankie Sinatra.

The Avalanches’ first album debuted back in 2000, making this a long awaited sequel that did not disappoint.  With their new album Wildflower releasing 8 July 2016 after 11 years in the making, one can only wonder what more dark and tasty gems lie in wait.


Video Source: TheAvalanchesVEVO


June 3rd, 2016

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